Qubes Dell Users Help? Green Screen - Installing Qubes 4.1rc4 on Dell 7760

Just purchased a Dell 7760 for Qubes. I specifically selected the configuration that does not have discrete graphics just Intel UHD as the graphics to maximize prospect for compatibility.

I have updated the bios and disabled secure boot in the bios settings.

When I insert the USB I am able to load the prompt that offers to install qubes, rescue a qubes installation or verbose installation.

Once I select to install Qubes it goes to a black screen which is normal based on my previous experience on other machines. It is on this screen for about 30-45 seconds and then loads a solid green screen. Nothing after that. No mouse, no text, no gui.

Can anyone suggest to me what to do to help troubeshoot this.

When I do the verbose option everything seems to run fine I don’t see any errors then it switches to load the gui installer and its just same thing a solid greeinish screen.

Did you try to follow these advices? Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS