Qubes Crashes Semi?Randomly

I say semi-randomly, because it usually this happens if I’m streaming something, typically youtube videos, but occasionally audio if I’m running a lot of other qubes. It seems to stream video more smoothly if it’s not having to play the video at fullscreen, but nothing is certain.

It also seems to have an issue with running a full anti-virus scan within a Windows 10 HVM. Those scans typically take at least an hour and the whole system crashes without fail about half-way through that first hour.

I’m assuming this is a hardware issue or limitation, so I’m wondering if I need to upgrade some components. The whole rig was built in 2014, so it’s getting old by modern standards.

It should be hardware problem. Most certainly the cause of crashes is overheating. Check your CPU/GPU temperature during your high load activities.

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Ran watch sensors -f

If I play YT at hi-res, it just stops to buffer every few seconds with no major swing in temperature.

If I play at lo-res, it gradually creeps into the red. But only at near fullscreen.

So I either need a new CPU or a better cooling system.

  1. Clean your PC from dust.
  2. Replace thermal paste.
  3. Maybe replace cooler fan

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Well one of the fans has needed replacing for a while, but it mainly just needed a good cleaning and new thermal paste. There was practically none left when I removed the heatsink. Came off like a glove.

Did a test system backup and the thermals barely touched 120 the entire time as opposed to the 170-180 I had been getting.