Qubes compability with different motherboards

I want to build new PC qith Qubes on board. Tell me please how can I check out does below motherboards will be compabile with Qubes OS ?

Asrock B550 Taichi

Asrock B550 PRO 4

Gigabyte B550 GAMING X V2

Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE V2


What for I have to looking ? In Qubes documentation on HCL list there are only few specific hardware, so maybe some of you using above motherboard ? And could confirm this will be ok ?

Hello, Max.
B550 tomahawk might be coming with only one PS/2 adapter as I have B450. So you won’t be able to use non-USB mouse if you go with PS/2 keyboard.

Ok this is obvious. But I mean same system, is there could be some problem with install qubes with those motherboards ?

No problem, I think so for B550 Tomahawk. But it would be better if you can look for PS/2 Specs as sys-usb with your USB devices is good for security. And I would recommend both mouse and keyboard PS/2.

I have a MSI B550 which uses a Realtek 2.5gbit Ethernet port (as do many of the boards you posted) that Does not work with Qubes out of the box - I have however found a solution to this issue and can happily report that I have the ethernet running.
See the following Qubes forum post If you are having ethernet Issues.