Qubes-certified NovaCustom NV41 Series laptop now available with Heads firmware

Last year, we announced that the NovaCustom NV41 Series became a Qubes-certified computer for Qubes OS 4. We noted in the announcement that the NV41 Series came with Dasharo coreboot open-source firmware.

We are now pleased to announce that the NV41 Series is also available with Heads firmware. When you configure your NV41 Series, you can now choose either Dasharo coreboot+EDK-II (default) or Dasharo coreboot+Heads for the firmware. Both options are certified for Qubes OS 4. This makes the NV41 Series the first modern Qubes-certified computer available with Heads!

Current NV41 Series owners who wish to change from Dasharo coreboot+EDK-II to the Heads firmware version can buy the Dasharo Entry Subscription for an easy transition to Heads.

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