Qubes can not use chat GPT?

Hello everybody I’m using Qubes’ anon-whonix, but I can’t connect to Chat GPT. It keeps reloading every time I check to see if it’s a human. I tried accessing the site using proton VPN once, but the result was the same. It was also the same using regular Tor. I’m looking for any information that might help.

I think it’s just blocking Tor and VPN usage. I don’t think it’s an issue specific to Qubes OS.
You can try looking for some other VPN that won’t be blocked by it.


@phirip this appears to be unrelated to Qubes. This question feels more appropriate in privacy-focused forums. Here it’s a bit out of scope.

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Big tech is garbage. Anything by them is going to be hostile against VPN/Tor or anything else you bring to protect yourself. If they can’t suck your data, you’re not useful as a user.

If you have at least 32 gigarams to spare or a newer GPU (besides your main) you can use local LLMs instead.

Sorry for the late reply. So, I can’t use Chat GPT with just Tor or Qubes, and I need to find a VPN server that isn’t blocked, right? I’ll try to learn a little more about how to do it. Thank you both for your advice.

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