Qubes Builder R4.1 compile success, boot fail AMD processor family 23 not supported

For about a month already, I have been trying to compile a R4.1 ISO but different kernel. The reason for this is R4.1 with its latest packages does not work for my laptop. I had to upgrade from R4.0 with the kernel 4.14.18-1.pvops to R4.1, keeping the older kernel, anything above that, going to kernel rc6 will just produce a black screen after (XEN) during boot. This is what I use to compile now.

Qubes R4.1 with Kernel 4.14.18-1.pvops
Compiling it inside a FC36 VM.

While I was successful finally compiling one without errors, using setup.sh and just replacing kernel version with 4.14 at qubes-os-master.conf builder file I am left with this:

May I ask for an assistance for the following:

  • Making the build work with the modifications mentioned
  • or actually getting past the black screen issue after (XEN) when using other kernels
  • or using the latest R4.1 without any modifications, just the downloaded ISO but getting past the screen beyond call trace during “troubleshooting and verbose boot” 3rd option during GRUB

Thank you for your assistance