Qubes Boots and 3 Screens Open With Strange Errors then Qubes Displays Error Message Then Closes

Qubes is starting with 3 things running in my taskbar and a document opening for Firewall Qube that contains a lot of programming stuff and then goes away.

The screen with code is only up for a moment. I don’t know what it said but it is not terminal commands and not something that isn’t code.

The error message said “This VM has attempted to create a very large window in a manner that would have prevented you from closing it and regaining access to Qubes’s user interface.”

It also showed this window with so much code and then it disappeared and I didn’t open it and I don’t know why it’s there. I don’t know what it was showing or how to find it. I can reboot again to see it and have seen it twice now.

The firewall VM is based on Debian-12-xfce.

I am also using the firewall right now. Should I consider it compromised? Or the entire system compromised?

Maybe you’ve installed some app in your template that is causing this.
You can reinstall the template and check with clean template.