Qubes Backups - ERROR

Anybody ever have an error as follows:

File size too large
ERROR: Writing backup to VM sys-usb failed: dd: error writing
File too large 32768+0 records in 32767+0 records out 4294967295 bytes (4.3GB, 40GiB) copied 469.625s, 9.1 MB/s

The external HD im using is FAT and is 2 TiB drive, the VM size was 28.9GiB

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FAT can’t have files larger than 4GB, which is why it stopped exactly at 4294967295 bytes. You will need to use another drive with something other than FAT, or format the one you are using to something like NTFS or exFAT if you need compatibility with Windows.


ext4 seems to be the best option here.