Qubes backup and Thunderbird

I have managed to backup my qubes and am in the process of putting them into a fresh install of qubes. I have a qube that is email only with Thunderbird. When I restore this qube it starts Thunderbird fresh with none of my settings saved.

I apologise if this is a basic issue and I’ve made a fundamental error, but can anyone tell me if my settings such as email accounts should have been backed up as well?

Further playing with this backup process I see that other settings are also not there. For example I have a ‘banking’ qube but none of the browser shortcuts are there.

What have I done wrong? Something basic I’m sure. Any help greatly appreciate.

Hello @Brad,
Remember that Thunderbird stores all its account data in ~/.thunderbird. Therefore you need to backup the AppVM running thunderbird not the templateVM to keep those settings.

Thanks for the reply. It is the app vm that I have backed up. I didn’t back up the templates.

I think that I have solved this. It appears that the backups I made were corrupted. I made two lots because I just do, and I was able to use these and found the things I was after.

No idea why things didn’t back up properly as it went through the process and didn’t throw errors. But thank you for that tip above. It made me look in that directory where the .thunderbird folder was small (15mb) and i knew that it needed to be much larger. Hence my using the other which did it properly.

This is my first attempt with the ‘backup’ function and I’m learning as i go. Thanks for the patience.

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