Qubes-app-shutdown-idle for and upgrading Gentoo template

@fepitre or anyone else who can help

  1. How we can obtain qubes-app-shutdown-idle for Gentoo?
  2. I have just updated Gentoo-xfce template, which took me 5 days, only to discover that new template is uploaded and now in qvm-template-gui it shows that the template is upgradable. What are the differences between the old but fully updated and the new one uploaded? Do I have to upgrade it in order template to be fully functional? If so, how to upgrade it and not to loose all the customization I made these days?
    Thank you in advance for your advises.
  1. Anyone who wants to PR GitHub - fepitre/qubes-gentoo to add it or if I find a bit of time to do it…
  2. You don’t have to reinstall the template if you already upgraded the previous one.