Qubes-app-menu Visual Bugs with mutiple dvm template based on same template

I’ve found a weird issue in qubes-app-menu. when I was trying to create two dvm templates based on same template, but with different net-vm. I’ve found that if you have two dvm-template based on same template the dvm instance will be listed under the last dvm-template with same template in the app menu. not listed under the dvm-template that actually create the instance from.

The currently workaround is to use different colors for the different dvm template. that can be helpful to recognize which instance is created by which dvm-template.

Does this ticket where “the name of one disposable template contains the name of the other” describe your situation too?

Yes, its seems to be same issue.

after few tests, I believe its an issue caused by string ordering. I’ve tried if the name suffix with digital or -, it will be placed upon the disp-vm, as result the disp-vm list is mixed with other dvm templates upon the disp-list. by the way, dvm template suffix with a-z (directly without -) works as expected.

Its not caused by template most likely, sorry for the misleading title. but I cannot find the way to change it.