Qubes Ancient Issue #2858 - Backport FC26 Xorg to FC23 dom0

Issue #2858 - Backport FC26 Xorg to FC23 dom0

On Jun 19, 2017 a user wrote:

Qubes is backporting newer kernels like 4.9 to FC23 dom0 in r3.2, presumably for hardware support, but hardware support for GPUs and input devices also depends on the Mesa and Xorg version.
So I’d propose to backport those as well. I have done it for my system and the FC26 versions seem to work fine on FC23 once the SRPMs are rebuilt for FC23 (although YMMV of course).

The last post in the thread is on Nov 5, 2018


This is a Qubes R3.2 related issue which is very much outdated. Doesn’t the Qubes 4.1 use Fedora 32 for dom0? Shouldn’t this be closed?

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I think this issue is not about backporting FC26 Xorg to FC23 dom0 specifically, it’ll be valid for current situation with backporting FC40 Xorg to FC37 dom0 (for Qubes OS 4.2) as well.
So I think the issue can be just renamed to something general like: Backport Xorg from latest Fedora release to current dom0 Fedora version.

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The general direction of Qubes OS should be also taken into consideration. It appears that removing most features from dom0 and moving them to independent servicevms is a high priority these days. Also moving away from Xorg to Wayland is a priority.

But yes. You are right.

Yes, this feature is not aligned with the future Qubes OS design so it may be a waste of time to implement it if it’ll be unneeded in a year or two, but it’s still a valid enhancement request so I guess it should be closed after Wayland or GUI domain will be implemented and used by default.

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Title updated. Thanks. :slight_smile: