Qubes-Air? Qubes in the cloud?

Please apologize.

It’s them, not me. :laughing:

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Nah, it’s my fault. I could have chosen my words better :frowning:

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So could I. And I believe that in a good will, we sorted it out privately.


We did the first POC with Simon during Qubes OS summit 2022: Qubes OS Summit 2022: qrexec over network (Proof of concept) · GitHub


How come I missed this? And I was there :sweat_smile:. This is awesome!

To obtain qrexec over the network it should also be rather straightforward to write e.g. a TLS sender and receiver plugin for [1].

However I currently don’t need it and thus didn’t spend my time on it.

Anyway qrexec over the network is just a small part of a proper cloud integration.

[1] GitHub - 3hhh/qubes-qrexec-proxy: Intransparent and modular Qubes OS qrexec proxy

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Variation of this conversation focusing on potential for SBC cluster (which could then serve as personal and/or shared cloud service) here.