Updates on Qubes Air?

A couple years ago, the Qubes Air achitecture was proposed (Qubes Air: Generalizing the Qubes Architecture | Qubes OS). Is there any update on this? I would be very much interested in a way to remotely connect to AppVMs. As it seems, remote desktop to the main desktop of Qubes is not really well supported (and also not wanted), I would like to have a working environment where I can resume work from different computers on a main machine to which I connect in an RDP like fashion. It looks like that this would be what Qubes Air could provide while keeping dom0 isolated on all machines.

However, searching the internet, I didn’t see any updates on this.

The team is probably very busy with releasing R4.2 currently, so there is not much going on now otherwise.


There is no plan or agenda at all unfortunately. The main Qubes OS development takes already all the bandwidth.