Qubes agent for Ubuntu HVM

I’ve a Ubuntu HVM and I’m trying to get all of qubes goodies(clipboard copy paste, file move/copy, etc.) to work in my HVM but I couldn’t get it working so far I’ve tried importing qubes public keys and then doing apt-get on qubes-core and other packages but it didn’t work then I stumbled upon https://groups.google.com/g/qubes-devel/c/CB30pD5J56U this but I’m a complete noob and I couldn’t understand how to install those packages can anyone explain this to me in a step by step fashion


There is not a official ubuntu template, because of some legal constrains imposed by canonical. but you can build the template yourself.


I don’t have a solution to your problem, but just wanted to give you my 2 cents on the overarching issue I think you are trying to resolve. If this is not your case, just disregard my reply.

Many times, users coming from other linux distributions (e.g. ubuntu), when jumping on Qubes want to have a template of the OS they were using before. However this is not the recommended way of using Qubes. The default templates (fedora, whonix, debian) as well as community templates already have pretty much everything installed and should be used instead.

But Ubuntu is a supported template - it’s only because of past
stupidity that it’s not included in the Community templates.

You can build Ubuntu templates using Qubes builder - it’s
straightforward, and fully supported.
I make pre-built templates available here:

On the specific question, current packages cannot be applied to a stock
HVM. It used to work. It doesn’t now.
Because Ubuntu templates are available, and you can also convert a
template based qube to a standalone, (and the packages work there), I
haven’t spent any time investigating.

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I don’t know your reason for using the Ubuntu HVM. Let me share my own

  • I wanted to use Ubuntu because it felt most polished

  • You can download an use the ubuntu templates provided by @unman
    (he is a core team member and the maintainer of the Debian and Ubuntu
    templates among other things)

  • It actually is quite easy to create a qubes-builder following the
    instructions and build/install the Ubuntu templates yourself

All that being said:

At some point @unman pointed out to me that there is actually very
little difference between the distros when using Qubes. After thinking
it through I copied the Ambiance theme, Humanity icons & Ubuntu font
into a Debian template, learned the color code for the terminal
background (#300a24) and … what should I say: I can’t even tell the
difference between Debian and Ubuntu (I know there are some but I doubt
they are actually important to you).

You won’t have snap, you won’t have those launchpad contributor thingies
(forgot the name) … but I don’t actually need them.

Also if you value stability and polish it stands to reckon Debian is
your ideal distro anyway.