Qubes 4.3 is being tested by the testing team

Qubes OS R4.3 repositories (NOT the ISO, NOT the templates) for dom0 and Fedora 39/40 (no Debian, Whonix, Archlinux, … repo at the moment) have been available since 17 April and are being tested by the testing team. This is the very early stage of preparation for the new release. Overall status of the project is available here.

It is something that I would not recommend to anyone at the moment as it might hardly break the entire machine and is not as forgiving as testing Fedora 40 or Debian 13 templates for R4.2.1

But we can observe the packages as there are many interesting ones in the pipeline:

Use this command anytime to track new dom0 packages in R4.3 which are not uploaded to R4.2:

diff -u <(rsync --info=NAME -an --no-motd rsync://mirrors.kernel.org/qubes/repo/yum/r4.2/current-testing/host/fc37/rpm/ | awk '{print $5}') <(rsync --info=NAME -an --no-motd rsync://mirrors.kernel.org/qubes/repo/yum/r4.3/current-testing/host/fc37/rpm/ | awk '{print $5}') | grep -E '^\+.*rpm$'

Use this command anytime to track new Fedora 40 packages in R4.3 which are not uploaded to R4.2 repo yet:

diff -u <(rsync --info=NAME -an --no-motd rsync://mirrors.kernel.org/qubes/repo/yum/r4.2/current-testing/vm/fc40/rpm/ | awk '{print $5}') <(rsync --info=NAME -an --no-motd rsync://mirrors.kernel.org/qubes/repo/yum/r4.3/current-testing/vm/fc40/rpm/ | awk '{print $5}') | grep -E '^\+.*rpm$'

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