Qubes 4.2 wifi config instructions?

I have been Googling and reading and none of what I’ve found fits my wifi situation. Most of the help articles involve off brand wifi devices that need USB support.

I have a Dell Precision 7730, this has a built in Intel Wireless-AC 9260. I’ve modified the Devices for sys-net so all it has is the wifi device.

There isn’t any Network Manager app available in the VM’s Applications tab. There isn’t anything network related in the Settings app for the VM. There is a /usr/sbin/NetworkManager but running it from a shell just immediately returns. No error, it just doesn’t do anything.

All my prior Qubes 4 experiments have been wired systems. This really seems burdensome for a process that maybe half of all users will face getting their new install running.

Can someone point me to a clean new install turn up wifi howto?

What template are you using the the sys-net qube? The network manager applet is automatically running for qubes providing network.

What if sys-net is based on a minimal template?
@nealr : what’s the template of your sys-net?

that’s what I’m thinking, and hence why I asked the template used :smiley:

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Plain ol’ install of Qubes 4.2

Working with the default sys-net service.

There’s a /usr/sbin/NetworkManager (path from memory).

And among the allowed PCI devices there is the WirelessAC 9260, which I think it included in the kernel.

So where would I find the Network Manager applet?

And if that’s running … this should also work using nmcli?

what if you run /usr/bin/nm-applet in sys-net?

you didn’t answer which template is being used by sys-net, there can be different default.

Ah, default everything install of 4.2, so it’s got fedora-38-xfce as the template for sys-net.

Running nm-applet from shell produces an Atom related error.

Using the full path to the binary produces the same error.

But I see nmcli works and I think I know how to get wifi going from there.

Is this a bug? Something wrong with my install?

Could you share the exact error you get when running the command?

This is the error I get. FYI I just used nmcli and that works fine, I’m connected.