Qubes 4.2 installer won't boot (black screen) on Thinkpad Carbon Extreme Gen 3

All Qubes 4.2 versions black screen after grub menu.
Rufus (4.3.2090, GPT/UEFI, dd/iso)
There is no NVIDIA card on laptop (INTEL only).
Qubes 4.1 or any other distro works normally.
Сan someone help me?

Remove quiet from the boot options in GRUB.
Maybe there will be some debug info.
You can see an example on how to do this here:

Same exact problem and I tried 2 USB sticks. When I removed quiet from the GRUB line, it freezes after the following line:

xem_acpi_precesser: Uploading Xen precesserPM info

Thank you. That solved the install for me as well.