Qubes 4.2 + debian 12 minimal + sys-net = no network connection

I normally use a debian-12-minimal template for networking and vpn but I don’t seem to get network connection in Qubes 4.2. The full debian-12-xfce template works, so I’m guessing I’m missing some packages. Would anyone know? thank you

The following packages was all I needed in 4.1.2.

Do you have the firmware for your network cards installed? Typically, this is the issue if you see the network manager icon when sys-net is booted, but wifi options aren’t shown.

Everything works fine in 4.1.2, but yes I also have firmware-iwlwifi installed. For now as a workaround, I’m using the default debian-12-xfce and installed all my other sys apps like vpn in there.

I re-created all net-related TemplateVM, DispVM and AppVM and it fixed my problems.

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Wanted to add, that I did the same with fedora minimal templates and that resolved the issue with my net and sys qubes.

I should make a correction. I had issues with sys-vpn (AppVM → sys-vpn → sys-firewall → sys-net) where it wouldn’t pass network connection to the AppVM.

The remaining issue is I can’t connect to my router.

Oh, interesting, I think we were facing slightly different issues then. In my case my vpn qube wasn’t able to reach the vpn server.

Maybe my recollection is bad and I originally had problems with sys-net and sys-firewall.