Qubes 4.2.1-rc1 stuck on Reached target Basic System


Lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga 20FRS19N00

Intel I7 6600U

16gb ram

4.2.0 works fine but I had to stop using qubes cause it randomly started being slow even after reinstall, after i t was workings fine for a month

My issue is the title :slight_smile:
It’s stuck at that error idk how to also check anaconda logs, it says no such file or directory, I tried latest kernel and regular install, live test too, all the same error, I have a regular issue anyways that is I have to black list xen acpi processor to successfully install but that isn’t an issue since black listing fixes it, however the error in the title is what’s preventing me from installing the latest qubes…

I waited for maintenance mode and it says /dev/root does not exist as a warning

Fixed, did command in Linux worked, woeusb did not