Qubes 4.1 RC3 on Acer Nitro 5 - no WiFi

Hello community

I just installed Qubes OS 4.1 RC3 on my new Acer Nitro 5. Everything went smoothly, however, after the installation I do not see any WiFi networks in the upper right info panel. I only get Internet access if I plug in a network cable. Any idea?

Guess, system didn’t recognized your wifi card…
Can you tell, if you see any wifi adapter, when you open Qubes Manager > right click on sys-net > settings > devices ?
Do you see one more adapter (beside the Ethernet one)?

It may also be that your WiFi adapter requires drivers or firmware that
are not provided in the template you are using for sys-net.
If this is the case you should see entries in the sys-net log relating
to the adapter.

You could try changing the template used in sys-net.

Thank you for your answers.

I had chosen Debian 11 as the default during the installation in the last step. I just reinstalled it and chose Fedora 24 and now it works.

This is a recognised issue with the 4.1 testing releases - the Debian
template will ship with a greater range of firmware/drivers, so that
selecting Debian-11 should result in a working network.