Qubes 4.1 on Thinkpad L15 with Ryzen pro 4450u

  1. I installed it completely new
    a) It was slow on starting , after some minutes it lags even if you move only the dom0 term.
    b) sys-usb missing
    c) it runs into pci devices errors that some of them are interacting with others and i have to remove some of them ? really !

i switched back and install 4.0 again and it looks run much faster so i thought ok upgrade from here.
well same and more problems arriving with upgrades to whonix-*-15 until i droped them …
but at the end same and more errors come up during 4.1 was installed.

Is 4.1. a alpha release (untested yet ?)
Is there a side at the qubes page about this “features”
where i can easily find all the problems and workarounds i read a ton of user questions in the forum
with a lot of answers and not wasting my time to find what works and what not or maybe could work.


I have never considered any single minute searching for an answer regarding Qubes wasted. Because I clearly see how rewarding it was.
Maybe you should consider if Qubes are what you are looking for.