Qubes 4.1.1 plymouth tty freezes on bootup

Hi, after upgrading to version 4.1.1. from 4.0 by doing a reinstall then we have an issue on our Lenovo ThinkPad T495 with booting up using multiple screens.

The problem is that once we get to the disk encryption screen then the screen is unresponsive and we need to press CTRL - arrow to get to another tty where we can see the bootup in text mode, then we press CTRL - arrow again to get into plymouth again and then the tty is responsive (and we can see 4 stars in the password field, probably because we pressed CTRL - arrow two times).
This happens when we have the laptop in the dock with two external screens attached.
If we boot up with just the laptop (in the dock or not, but the two external screens have been removed from the equation) then plymouth works fine all the way through and we get a normal login experience.

We would like to be able to fix this since we put the laptop into the dock then boot up because that preserves Display settings from previous boot. If we boot up before placing it in the dock then the screens all get mirrored instead of extended once the laptop gets into the dock.

We could also just insert the password and wait for plymouth to finish and the real X to take over (which works fine) but then users can’t see if they issued the wrong password (unless they do the switching tty trick).

We have tried this with both the current and latest kernel. Same result.

So, any ideas on how to fix this?

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I have a similar issue which is that if I have a single HDMI cable connected then the computer freezes at the LUKS password screen, requiring a restart. Disconnecting HDMI before the screen solves the problem.

I’ve had this issue with multiple Qubes versions since 2 years, but it did work for some time with 4.1.

Yesterday I discovered that not having a USB qube solves the HDMI problem, i.e. I can keep the HDMI connected if I never created a USB qube at Qubes installation.

Hi Alethia, thanks for sharing your experience.

Unfortunately then not using a sys-usb is not an option for us.