I was going to change my HDD password & read a few of the post here. Specifically

With ‘lsblk’ I got a large output:

  1. several loop* names ranging from 0 to 8.
  2. Following the loop* names is nvme0n1, which is the root of the tree.
    Followed by nvme0n1p1, *p2, etc.

Does anyone know why I have so many block devices - it looks off. The examples shown in the posts in this forum show ‘sdb’ type block names.

My laptop runs QubesOS 4.12 - got the machine from Purism.


Run lsblk --fs | less and look for a partition with “crypto_LUKS” under FSTYPE.
That is the LUKS encrypted partition.
From what you wrote, it is very possible that is is nvme0n1p3 in your case :smile: