Qubeos debian 11 dmidecode not working

Even though I’ve been using Qubes Updater to update Debian 11, the command ‘dmidecode’ is not recognized.
I will have to use apt-get to install it. Should I do this in the dom0 terminal?
I wonder why this cmd is missing…
Apart from the update notifications, I have been forcing the update checks too.


It you want dmidecode to be available in debian-11 VMs then you’ll need to install this package in the debian-11 template:
sudo apt install dmidecode

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Can i continue this discussion here.
In a disp VM based on debian 11, i did ‘sudo apt install dmidecode’. I got this:
dmidecode is already the latest version (3.3-2)

Running dmidecode in the terminal gives:
bash: dmidecode: command not found

It’s /usr/sbin/dmidecode you probably don’t have /usr/sbin in the included paths.