Qube Settings Caution Bang: What's this mean?

Halp. Everything’s been updated/current, and my Tor works from that qube. The Whonix icon in the tray is solid. I’d like for this icon to also have a tooltip to properly tell me what’s up, and I’m creating a git issue just for that—but in the meantime, I’d love ideas around what all this might mean?

I think this is supposed to be the “warning message” mentioned as the second change in the “Resolution” section in this Security Bulletin: QSB #47: Insecure default DisposableVM networking configuration | Qubes OS



@ninavizz check if on the

"advanced" tab » Default Disposable Template 

And see if it is either whonix-based “dvm” (disposableVM) or “none”. If it’s anything but these, then it is possible the disposableVM is a qube that goes through your regular internet (sys-firewall → sys-net) directly. So some malware executing on your sd-splarklepony would then be able to open an application on the DisposableVM from there and be able to leak out information about you through the clearnet.

I had the idea that if you hovered over the :warning: it would show you the reason why.

alt-text telling me why, is exactly the pattern I’d expected—but no dice. Everything is up to date and working just great. When I set the Networking dropdown to what the default is set to be, it remains.

Yes, it has to do with the networking drop-down and the “default disposable Template” not matching in terms of networking configuration.