Qube running sshfs to host NAS' folder system

So, I have a custom built NAS, and i wish to have a qube run sshfs on a qube - of which the NAS is connected via a switch to my main pc running qubes. i don’t fully know if there’s an easy way to do what I’m wanting, I’ve tried going into the qube and sshfs’ing the actual NAS’ switch ip… but that obviously doesn’t work, as, qubes has its own networking infrastructure. how can i “pass through” that ip to a qube ( I’m going through some really rough cptsd stuff irl rn, so i may be just an idiot missing smth, but i did try to research this and couldn’t find anything. sorry if this was a convoluted pile of sentences. brain is not doing well rn.

also, running r4.2, if that matters.

Describe your network connection in more details.
You have only one PCI network controller attached to sys-net and this controller is connected to switch to which your NAS connected as well. And this switch is connected to router to access the internet.
You have a qube named testqube connected to sys-net:

sys-net <-> testqube

And you can access internet in testqube but you can’t access your NAS from it using sshfs?

so, I’m using the built in ethernet jack on my mobo to connect to the switch- from there on the qubes end, I’m running just simply netvm → firewall → ssh-client

I’m essentially just using the default, as, i haven’t delved into qubes all that much yet.

If you have the default configuration then this:

Should work.
Try to ssh or ping your NAS from sys-net.
Also maybe you have some firewall rules in NAS?

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perhaps - i thought i disabled all firewall for the ip that is my main pc but I’ll look again - I’ll try what you said later today. thank you for the time - I’ll get back to you on that

after connecting my qube directly to net, it seems to work! thank you!