Qube Restart Confirmation dialogue box

Any chance to disable this dialogue? Thanks.

There is no dialogue if you restart a qube from the tray.

Not quite a solution: sometimes, the Tray and Manager show a different qube status :wink:

It should also be more user friendly to ditch the dialogue due the very frequent updates in QubesOS…

AFAIK usually the Qube Manager shows outdated information. Did you see the opposite?

You probably mean in Fedora :slight_smile:

Yes, let us assume, one of the frequent Fedora updates shows up. Is the following procedure right?

  1. shutdown app-cubes
  2. Qubes Update
  3. shutdown from the Tray
    3a. sys-whonix
    3b. sys-net
    3c. sys-firewall
  4. use Qubes Manager to re-start
  5. restart app-cubes

AFAIK you only need to update Fedora templates using the update GUI (or terminal) and, after that, restart all (running) AppVM qubes based on those templates. Note that sys-whonix should not be based on Fedora.

Fedora? I’m constantly getting hit with orange stars for my debian templates.

Good advice. The trick is not to update sys-net altough prompted - which gets unsavy users (like me) into trouble. :slight_smile:

If told me how to have half way stable snaps in debian, we can talk about updating that template :wink: