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For context, I was discussing converting more and more of my daily use qubes to be named disposables rather than being “regular” AppVMs with persistent data on them. [For anyone else reading this, the steps are, in outline: 1) Make sure there’s nothing on the appvm you need to save (if there is it will likely be in the Documents or Downloads folders). 2) rebuild the AppVM and make sure the app is set up the way you like it 3) set the template for dispvm flag 4) Create a dispsoable VM based on the VM, with a name. 5) Set up desktop shortcuts, menus, etc. to point to the new disposable, not the old AppVM serving as a template.]

There are people here who have talked about having almost everything be like that (in one case I believe s/he said vault was the only regular AppVM they still had). When I started with qubes (wow, only about six months ago) I never would have imagined I’d be doing that, but over time I have indeed been becoming more and more like that. As of right now about half of my regular user VMs (as opposed to ones I use to tinker with the system itself) are really named DVMs, and there are maybe two or three more that I could change very soon. The one that runs LibreOffice is one of those, but I actually have a very small number of documents in its documents folder. Those can’t stay there on a DVM. So, I was saying I need to move them before I do that.

I hope that’s responsive to your question…if not, then I probably didn’t understand your question.


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