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I knew it!

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enmus be like:


Well-thought meme

This is quite disrespectful to the users of Qubes OS, I would say. You should prove the intent if you are serious.

It’s simply a meme, friend. No need to take it so seriously. Look at the context (the few comments above this one that revived the thread). They are all lighthearted comments in various ways.



Just spent the last 30 minutes reading both this thread and the Qubes in the Air discussion.

I also had some concerns with possible cloud implementations, although I honestely believe developers have good intentions.

I think Annah raised some good questions (that deeplow answered) that it would be good for the community to see someone from the core team answer directly. I feel other explanations by adw to other users in that thread will be lost in the intense heat of those discussions. The concerns she shared were similar to those of others in the thread but were quite civil and not inflamatory at all. Hopefuly such answers would put an end to many user’s fears and concerns, not just here but also in others places like qube’s matrix room(unofficial).


If you say so it’s certainly true :roll_eyes:

I would never use Qubes if I wouldn’t recognize their best.

For me, it would be enough them to read about our concerns and to think through them. Nothing more.

I don’t have a problem with flagging my post, I just think something isn’t quite right with this decision about flagging. Hiding my post won’t make progress in this software’s development.

I did not flag your post, but I agree that it brings no value to the conversation and doesn’t show any empathy to the developers or users of ReactOS. You are not the one who decides which projects are worth developer resources and which aren’t. Also, it doesn’t matter, how long the developent takes, if you do it in your free time.

I am one of the people who are looking forward to ReactOS on Qubes OS, because it would help to run native Windows apps without Wine and enjoy native Windows environment. Some people simply do not like how Linux is designed and I expect that they would be attracted by ReactOS. The latter is FLOSS, so you can in principle tune all Qubes tools perfectly, unlike with original Windows.

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Hmm - “dont have a problem”, “something isn’t quite right”, and you
bothered to post here.

What contribution to Qubes or ReactOS development did you make with your comment?

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

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Yes, indeed I don’t have a problem with my statement. I still stand for it and don’t think it is needed to edit the post. That’s what it meant.

Yes, not flagging but moderating this bothers me, and this is the place for that. I’m complaining on moderation, not flagging, these are completely different things.

To Qubes users: don’t waste your time because it simply doesn’t work for any serious use. To ReactOS, I sincerely don’t see any contribution is possible and I really find such an attitude legit.
Even if not, there are literally tens of thousands of posts here not contributing to even trolling, yet not flagged or moderated…

Is empathy “go on for the next 26 years in order to make it Wordpad to work”, or the empathy was that unfortunately someone most probably wasted her time?

Oh. c’mon… If I were to decide…

I follow it since the beginning of 2000’s. I was too, not on Qubes but genuinely. Sincerely. Who wouldn’t (except M$)? But let’s face it…
Look what Qubes with so few devs reached in 10 years? And in less then next 5 years even Qubes Air (whatever I thought of it)!

Don’t we fool ourselves where ReactOS Heads to… :wink:

I would so much like to, too.

Of course. But when, approximately? Around 2050?

But, this is not discussion about ReactOS, it’s about moderation about discussion on ReactOS.

It was simple, true statement (I even wrote that I have a strong feeling, not that I’m sure, choosing words obviously) stating that way sorrow for the fact, subcontexting if that energy could be used in a better direction towards the same goal we all waiting for.

@enmus as far as I can tell no moderator has actively hidden your post. As soon as a ‘leader’ flags your post it will be automatically hidden until a moderator has the time to review it. I don’t have moderator rights in ‘General Discussion’ but I have brought it up with those who do, please be patient.

Thanks for reply @Sven. For the record, I don’t pledge my post to be unhidden. I don’t have a problem to leave it hidden for good, too. There’s indeed a little value from it, it’s just that I want to brought up the attention to moderation on it.




Semi-productive, but even that was enough for me to apologize and stand corrected.

Thanks for expressing your opinion on the productivity of this conversation, but it was not the best place for that. I hope this topic is a bit better (but I’m not sure).

Indeed, you could find something snarky in my comment “Do you “change something”, when dom0 is updated?”, but it wasn’t my intention. I was explaining that unman is technically right that by your logic dom0 is not offline, unless you do not consider updating it as “changing something”.


doesn’t sound like apologizing to me (if this is what you meant). Also, snarkiness has degrees and this

is much more snarky than my above comment.

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No problem with me.

I felt it as snarky, especially in combination with previous yours, not being explicit what you meant exactly.

Yes, it was enough to finally be at least semi-explicit.

Well, it is subjective, but I agree. My intention was to respond in a way to brought to your attention how I felt with your posts.

I explicitly did in my next post, and “OK” post was that I agree it is necessary to avoid snarkiness. But that should apply to you too.
So, I apologized and stand corrected once you were semi-explicit about what you meant.

I still didn’t get my apology, but I don’t ask for it, nor expect it. It is rather important to me you to realize roots and consequences: it was your post(s) that made me felt snarky, and I emphasize snarkiness to brought it to your attention.

It doesn’t matter what you think I should feel about your posts, it only matters what I felt about them when first reading them, and vice versa.

I hope I cleared enough my posts and that you will accept these explanations.



Are we really going to spend lots of time and posts calling each other “snarky” and policing sentiments?

How about we cut each other some slack, understand that everyone has good and bad days and move on?

This will be my only post about this.

Please stop before it’s too late and every conversation here gets hijacked by the mood police.


Hey @Sven. While I agree with you in general, I didn’t find my conversation with @fsflover to be problematic. On the contrary, my impression was that we were to discussed it in a civilized manner?

But again, maybe my impression was wrong, and then your post fully stands for the specific subject.