Qube Manager vs xl list


Been looking at how Qubes handles memory when qmemman is not being used. It looks like there is a difference between the number listed in Qube Manager and what is returned by “xl list” if the max memory is set at 400 MB and the qube is showing 1500 MB, what does this mean? Does it matter if it’s included in the memory balancing pool?

Thank you

Just to clarify… there is a difference between the output of xl list for a specific qube domain and the value shown in the Qube Manager. It would be great if there was a global variable with the total pool of available memory and then you could see the value dropping in real time as qubes are provisioned (same with disk space and CPU resources).

Ex. RAM Pool -> 20 GB
CPU Pool -> 8 cores
DISK Pool -> 30 GB

it would make resource provisioning more predictable.

Thank you