Qube Manager breaks, as always

Hi folks,

Running Qube Manager…
Right click on a VM (Unix or Windows or BSD)
Select “Run command in qube”
Enter in the command and click “Ok”
99% of the time, the Qube Manager just crashes and does nothing.

100% of the time with Windows (7,10,11) qubes.

This is very annoying.

Advice and help would be greatly appreciated.


Until devs figure out how to fix “Run command in qube” in Qube Manager more permanently, I would recommend taking the time to open a terminal window (think parallel process for the sake of determining truly what you are asking the VM to actually do - the right command or something that doesn’t connect with an application in fact) so you can “preview” that the command you were going to type actually reaches the intended destination. Like trying to run chrome only to learn the hard way that for the given template-based VM, you’re actually needing to type chromium-browser when you just want to start chrome from such a command-entry point. From a terminal window (Note: the typical terminal window - not XTerm since XTerm works so much more differently than I am prepared to co-describe here), you can make use of auto complete (feature) to find out if you are even on the right track.

For instance, surprisingly, Debian 11 OBS Studio is only obs which might have not been the case. So if you had a terminal window open & typed o or ob then press (in simplest cases only once) the tab key on most keyboard configs combined with the standard terminal window, you’d get obs if OBS Studio was installed & this was a VM based upon the Debian 11 template. After you are certain that the expansion of the typed text is likely to produce the command that you actually want, you can use Qube Manager to do that exact same command (all characters, all case specific changes, no tabs though) in “Run command in qube.”

Once you get good at remembering the unique naming of commands in VMs that you commonly use, you can ditch the preview.