Qube description field in qube manager

Maybe this is silly, but I keep finding myself wanting to have a textbox in a qube’s settings to make remarks, comments or a description for that qube. Things I want to remember for that qube, a description for how this qube is intended to be used, warnings, hints etc.
The name field for the qube is not sufficient for this purpose and it would result in too long qube names if I made the name too verbose. So maybe the devs can consider giving the settings a textarea for this purpose?

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Nice idea, I would suggest to make it more general:

  • To allow adding some description string to any qube via qvm-prefs or something like that. And Qubes Manager can show it. Qubes widgets can also show it, too, e.g. as tooltips.

@Honey maybe you should consider posting enhancement ticket on the official github issue tracker.
Because Feedback section here seems to be about forum and website, not the system itself.

Thanks, ticket on github posted.

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Nota bene : the @Honey’s created enhancement ticket is