QSB-098 Microcode what did I do wrong?

While searching for some CPU info in terminal for another reason, I noticed my microcode is outdated, the loaded microcode is 20220510 and based on this info here my most up to date mircocode should be 20230808 for my i5-8350U CPU.

I did see when QSB-098 was posted. I am using kernel 6.6.X, The user action stated -

Continue to update normally [1] in order to receive the security updates
described in the “Patching” section below. No other user action is
required in response to this QSB.

To me that meant it will be pushed to the update tool and just update when it becomes available, a couple days later an updated was available for Dom0 which I confirmed updated by pulling the update logs from terminal.

So I’m confused if I did something wrong or if the QSB microcode fix was something I needed to do manually etc.

replying to myself here in case someone was confused as me and lands here. My microcode is up to date, the info pulled from sudo cpu-microcode-info can be confusing for a new user. The only information from that cmd that is relevant is the loaded microcode version. The columns that list “update available” and “updated installed” will always list the LAST microcode update package, those numbers can be cross referenced here basically what it’s saying, is does that last package # have an update available and if so did you install that update. For ex. when a new microcode package eventually comes out and that new update is installed the package # would change to 20230808 (for my machine, your current microcode package my differ depending on your CPU) to look through the list easily you’ll want to know your Intel processors family code name abbreviation, for example my i5-8350U is Kably Lake family my particular processor abbreviation family is KBL-R U (Kaby Lake Revision Ultra Low Power -aka mobile). You canr eference “microcode shortcut” info here this wiki page will give you the abbreviation you need, then if you have a -U/-H/-Y processor etc, just add that onto the abbreviation and search it in the github page I linked previously to see which microcode version and package is the newest for your processor family.

<pre>CPU  F-M-S/PI     Loaded microcode  20220510 update  20220510 update
                       version           available        installed
      0  06-8e-0a/80   000000f4          yes              yes
      1  06-8e-0a/80   000000f4          yes              yes
      2  06-8e-0a/80   000000f4          yes              yes
      3  06-8e-0a/80   000000f4          yes              yes
 (cores) (signature)  (current)         (#=old package)  (#=old package)
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