Qrexeq-daemon startup failed 35:sigchld_parent_handler: connection to VM failed

After having done a backup/migration all the qubes can not start because of the following error:

qrexeq-daemon startup failed 35:sigchld_parent_handler: connection to VM failed.

I also created a new sys-usb qube using: “sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.usb-keyboard” but that too returns the same error.

journalctl -f while trying to startup a qube does not seem to show anything noteworthy, everything looks fine up until the same error.

How can I further troubleshoot this?

Can you get a console, i.e. from the Qube Manager?

If so, you might want to do an

$ apt update
$ apt full-upgrade

as root inside one of your templates and try to run an AppVM based on that template, afterwards.

Both commands fail with code 100. I’m also not sure how this would work since the templates cannot physically start and run the update which they do try to do on that command.