Qrexec & internal network specialist needed


I am interested in setting up an internal inter cube communication system for use with a daemon, and need help from someone who’s experienced with qrexec and internal networking.

PM me.
If it’s of general interest ,(and you are happy to do so), we can produce
write up, once done.


I have recently made a new user support topic, which addresses the need to set up a single online Bitcoin, ETH, XMR, Zcash, etc daemons, and offline/online VMs securely connect with these daemon via qrexec for generating, and validating transactions.

I am using the following applications: Wasabi, Electrum, XMR core, Coinomi, JoinMarket, ETH electrum, and some more. They are in separate VMs.

I would really really appreciate your help

I intend to use separate applications which all need a full running bitcoin core.

I am running each application in its own VM. However, I don’t have enough storage for running 5 separate VMs with their own Bitcoin cores.

I want some help with running a single bitcoin core, which is online, and communicates with other bitcoin core applications that are being run in offline VMs.

I am looking for the extension of the following guide, for running a full core of ETH, XRP, XMR, BTC, LTC, ZCASH, etc.