Qrexec-client-vm usb-import process slows down VM

I have a VM which is being slowed down noticeably (i.e. using Firefox), and this process is constantly taking up 5-10% CPU:

qrexec-client-vm sys-usb qubes.USB+3-2.1 /usr/lib/qubes/usb-import /var/run/qubes/usb-import-sys-usb-3-2.1.state

Is this supposed to be constantly running? For reference, I have a USB-Ethernet adapter and USB hardware token attached to this VM, both through the same USB hub. All USB type A and >=3.0. There’s also a USB mouse attached to the hub, and there’s a USB keyboard plugged into the computer directly.

EDIT: I have memory balancing disabled for this VM and allocated 4 CPU threads.

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Is sys-usb:3-2.1 device a USB-Ethernet adapter?
You can check it with qvm-usb command in dom0.
Do you have some high I/O load going through this USB-Ethernet adapter?

Yes, sys-usb:3-2.1 is the USB-Ethernet adapter. There is high I/O load. This slowdown didn’t use to happen before, though. If there’s no solution so be it.

I do not have numbers, but I also found that using USB passthrough webcam + usb headsets makes visio conferencing unbearable now (approximately since the new USB applet?)

maybe a change on the passthrough introduced a performance regression :woman_shrugging: