Q4.1, Desktop icons randomly resetting


Does anybody know the reason why the location of my desktop icons in Qubes 4.1 sometimes resets to an earlier layout after I have customized it? This has been going on for a while now and appears to happen randomly with low probability after a reboot. It doesn’t seem to be triggered by a system update because it sometimes happens after a normal reboot.

Any ideas?

It is probably a responsibility of DE (XFCE in your case?).
Maybe it does not properly save changed layout to config file or something.

I had similar problems with xfce-panel several times (it was breaking layout and colors) and reported these bugs, but they are hard to repeat on demand (they are random). Hopefully, XFCE developers will fix it someday.

I’m not sure. Any changes I make to position of the desktop icons seem to persist through multiple reboots. But there’s always that one reboot that reverts them to an earlier layout. I thought maybe someone else has this issue on Qubes since this doesn’t seem to happen on other systems using XFCE (standalone ubuntu, debian).

Well, if I am no mistaken I also had this issue, the icon layout was changed from time to time but it was long time ago (on R4.0 probably).
I think it is still a random XFCE bug, that you can try to workaround by reseting all XFCE-related configs for user in dom0. Try to move them somewhere to force XFCE to regenerate them. Originally Qubes OS does not have this issue, but some actions (normal ones) trigger this and xfce-panel issues, probably due to some config changes that xfce is not able to handle.