Purism Librem Mini


Been using the Mini with Qubes on it as my primary computer for about six months. Initially suspend mode worked about 60 percent of the time. Now it hardly works at all. Not a big deal though as I simply leave the computer on. Mouse movement becomes choppy after a few days of use though. Not sure what causes that. Debian 10 template stopped working three months ago. Not sure if that is a software or hardware related issue. I use Fedora as my template now. Overall works ok, but not as well as Qubes on my Librem 15.


Qubes-HCL-Purism-Librem_Mini-20210831-202930.yml (789 Bytes)

Thank you @bill for your HCL report, which is now part of this pull request and will be visible on the website soon!

Not that this looks like Librem Mini v1, because the current version v2 has Intel Core i7-10510U.

This is strange that suspend does not work. All Purism hardware should support Qubes well, they even test it themselves. You should ask for help on Purism forums.

Also, you can create a new topic about your Debian 10 template problem, and we will try to help.

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Thank you, I created this pull request to address the ‘v1’.

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I believe the Librem key was intefering with the suspend. I must not have had the key properly configured. I decided to do away with the key and I no longer have problems with suspend. No more choppy mouse movements either. So everything seems to be working fine now. I think the latest Qubes updates also helped.

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