Purism Librem 15 v4 with Qubes 4.1

I’ve used this laptop as my primary machine for 2 to 3 weeks. It performs very well with Qubes 4.1. The system has never crashed going into or waking up from suspend. However sys-net has to be restarted after waking up from suspend nearly every time. This is a minor inconvenience and is the only glitch I’ve found so far. I’ve confirmed the following works:

usb ports
built-in wifi

On a 1 to 10 scale of usability (10 being best) I would rate the machine a 9 with Qubes 4.1.

Qubes-HCL-Purism-Librem_15_v4-20221124-210717.yml (903 Bytes)

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It’s the same on my L15v3. However with the latest Fedora updates, it seems to work sometimes. Also Qubes 4.0 never had such issues.

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