Purism Librem 14 and qubes

I have just received delivery of a brand new Librem 14 which came to me with an “OEM” version of qubes. The instructions were simple, insert the Librem key to check integrity which it did then it would allow me to set my disk encryption password. This is where it went sideways.
It takes me to the LUKS password page. I can’t get past here. I worked out that a default pw (which it only accepts sometimes) will get it to start to boot into qubes but it never gets there instead telling me it can’t find discs like dom0, amongst other errors.
I’m waiting to hear from Purism support but I have limited spare time to play with this so am hoping to get some wise guidance elsewhere.
I’ve tried it without the Librem key which will allow me to get into a default boot mode, but its the same cycle.
Anyone got any ideas? The thing is that there isn’t much I could have done wrong…plug in the Librem key and turn it on. That’s it.
Thanks for reading.

An update here, crossposted.

The instructions are that I would be asked for a disk unlock phrase and then press enter which would take me to the qubes configuration process. Yesterday this just kept returning me to the same window which then had me muck around with default passwords. So today, I did the same. Press enter, same thing. Reboot 3 times and then on 3rd reboot pressing enter I get to the qubes configuration process.

Why the inconsistency?? As I type its doing its thing but this is no way to fill me with confidence.

Frustrating, but hopefully on the road to success.

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