PulseAudio error connecting microphone to Windows Qube


I am using Qubes 4.1 on a Librem 14 laptop. I am able to connect my camera device to my Windows Qube (running Win10 with the latest QWT) without any issues and use it in the context of a Zoom meeting (the camera shows up as “USB Camera 2.0” and the drivers are installed automatically). However, my Win10 VM shows no audio device is present (it has nowhere to send sound). This is not an issue by default on any of my Fedora based VMs.

Furthermore, if I go to attach my microphone device to my Win10 VM I get the following error: “Error Attaching device Microphone to Win10-VM failed. Error: QubesVMError - Failed to attach audio input from dom0 to Win10-VM: pulseaudio agent is not running.”

I have no issue attaching my microphone device to any of my other (Fedora-based) VMs. It would seem that the issue is that I need to have a PulseAudio agent installed on my Win10 VM? Why was this not installed automatically when I installed QWT?

Does anyone know how I can get audio working on a Win10 VM, and how I would go about setting up a PulseAudio agent so that I can attach microphones to a Win10 VM?

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