PSA Yawning Angel said don't use obfs4 (8 months ago)

Old news, new to me

‘Honestly, it is possible to create a better obfuscation protocol than
obfs4, and it’s shelf-life expired years ago. No one should be using
it for anything at this point, and no one should have been using it
for anything for the past however many years…’


Reply http://forums.dds6qkxpwdeubwucdiaord2xgbbeyds25rbsgr73tbfpqpt4a6vjwsyd.onion/t/obfs4proxy-in-2022/15850 if this wrong forum.

Qubes relevant? Yawning Angel 'People should also have listened when I told them repeatedly that there are massive issues in the protocol.

  • Do not ask me questions about this.
  • Do not use it in other projects.
  • Do not use it in anything new.’

Is this Qubes issue, whonix issue, tor issue? Is post wrong here?

It is entirely off-topic to the whole forum with maybe the exception of the “All Around Qubes” category (which you can see once your trust level is high enough) as one could make the argument that people interested in Qubes are often also interested in Privacy topics (Whonix).

I don’t know if Whonix uses obfs4. If it does, please post in their forum.

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Sorry for mistake. Thank you.

Why hidden?

obfs4 = default bridges (recommended)

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Quirk of the forum software. There is a whole thread about it in “Forum Feedback”.

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Reading now

Edit:Still confused sorry. Where find Quirk? Why trust level to learn?

“all around qubes” is explicitly off-topic (not Qubes OS specific) but of interest for those using Qubes OS (Linux, Privacy, FOSS, OPSec etc.)

We decided to let only members post that have demonstrated some sustained interest in Qubes OS and its community. Because the whole point of the category is to have a “club house” kind of area where an interesting topic can be discussed among regulars even if it’s strictly speaking off-topic. We do not want to attract others to those threads that have no interest in or connection to Qubes OS.

Unfortunately the forum software doesn’t allow to have a category visible and readable for all while limiting posting to certain members. Hence it’s not visible until one reaches trust level 3.

Thank you.

Not so much the quirk as the choice of the moderators: New "general admin, security & privacy" category?.

fsflover ty for info

Is “club house” mirrored other place?
Forum email → nym → usenet be option?

Is Yawning Angel warning in “All Around Qubes”?

You should probably try the official Tor forum

obfs4 is not the only option for bridges, others types of pluggable transports are supported.

Anonymity and censorship circumvention are not mutually exclusive, but they are two difference issues. You don’t use a bridge because they give you better anonymity, you use them because they are header to block.

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Post understand. Read only I seek [finish @discobot start advanced tutorial no joy].

I very interest in qubes. Qubes use whonix. Whonix use default bridge when probs. Default bridge use obfs4 today. Poor connection? No want argue only seek understand.


This is off-topic here. Please post to Whonix or Tor forums.

Someone should explaine in non-technical language what is wrong with obfs4, because testing Tor to circumvent the first real censorship in the EU learned me that only obsf4 does the trick. Meek and snowflake did not work as it should: multimedia. Not my favourite sites these Russian propaganda outlets but I did the test. Obfs4 is the only circumvention that works against the EU anti Russian censorship.


What is this post doing here? A lot to do about nothing.

Just quoting here the reason why this thread was closed.