Proxy management tool installation error

Hi community,

I am attempting to install the Redsocks proxy management tool on Debian (alternative for proxifier which is only for windows and Mac) and I am running into an error. Upon installation in the CLI terminal it says something like ‘Error: not a Debian format archive’. How do I work around this? If anyone knows how to step by step install and open Redsocks in the Debian terminal that would be VERY helpful.

Any advice on proxy management (for managing proxies you need username/psswrd for) in Debian app qubes is also welcome.

Not enough information.
What steps are you taking to install Redsocks ?

Well I downloaded it form the redsocks website, debian version and its now in a zip file under downloads in my debian app vm. I then entered “cd Downloads” in terminal then tried both “sudo dpkg -i” (says "Error: is not a debian format archive) and also “sudo apt install” (says "unable to locate package).

And again, if you have any recommendations for debian proxy tools that would be great.

Am I seeing this right?

apt tools expect to work with Debian packages - usually in deb
I suspect you need to unzip those files - I would do this in a
offline disposable to be on the safe side.
At command line unzip if that gives you a deb file
you can try to install that.

very observant

Thanks for the tip!