Proton users can suggest Qubes OS for this years fundraiser

On their website, they are asking for suggestions for the projects for this year’s fundraiser.

People can suggest any project that share Proton’s vision of privacy and freedom.


Could be a great way to get funds to the devs!

And actually, anyone can suggest an organization, not just Proton users.

Maybe this should be placed in a public area of the forum to gain publicity and possibly give QubesOS more entries.

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Great idea! Just done it.

You can recommend an organization in the typeform link described at the proton blog: Lifetime Fundraiser 2022 - Suggestions

Excellent idea, I use Proton and would love to see them support Qubes.

Qubes OS is among the 10 organizations selected for this year’s raffle


Great news! QubesOS, GrapheneOS and Tor!


Too late :frowning: Suggestions are closed now

No worries, Eric. Qubes has already been selected as one of the beneficiaries for this year’s fundraiser, alongside several other pro-privacy organizations. Thank you to everyone here who helped make that happen! :partying_face:


Yes, but raffles can be bought, which is important now after this great news.

Love the thread, but it belongs into ‘General Discussion’. Moving.