Proper place to report contrib package issues

I’m not finding the place to report issues on the qubes-contrib packages and the issue submission guidelines don’t provide much clarity regarding contrib packages.

User story

  1. Users discovered a bug in qubes-tunnel and its solution.
  2. I though the package maintainers could benefit from this and went to the github page of the package: GitHub - QubesOS-contrib/qubes-tunnel: Integration of vpn tunnels for Qubes OS
  3. Noticed the package didn’t have an issues page and zero instructions on the README on how to report an issue.
  4. At this point I assume the right place is the qubes issues but am not completely sure. Or maybe it is [Contribution] qubes-tunnel · Issue #3503 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub. No idea

What’s the right place?

How to improve this?

Include instructions on contrib packages on how to submit issues. Or a link to the docs.

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Hi @deeplow,

QubesOS-contrib/qubes-tunnel is a fork of tasket/qubes-tunnel. This last one gets an issue page.

So I think you should report on the @tasket’s repository issue page.

@tasket : Am I right? Or not…

Thanks. Perhaps that could be the place. But it would be nice to have some clarity on that by the Qubes team.

@adw, is there a right place / way to submit issues on contrib packages?

We don’t have a policy for that yet.

@marmarek, would you prefer contrib package issues be reported to qubes-issues or to the individual GitHub project’s issue tracker (either the fork in QubesOS-contrib or the original one)?