Proper opsec for tor usage && running android apps on qubes os

hello i’m not a tech savvy person and i do journalism here and there, also some personal things on qubes, im looking into hardening my qubes os, for “deep” web browsing, hardening against government surveillance aka ISP on my Tor activity, metadata, MAC address etc, to reduce digital footprint as much as possible, using whats possible on qubes os, i would really appreciate if someone can write as much as comfortably able to, to assist me here in the comment section or quote some posts here, i also intend to run some social media apps like instagram, snapchat, twitter using some sort of emulation on qubes too, greatly appreciated, to sum it up i have LE/government level threat model and need to harden the os on my end to reduce opsec vulnerabilities and being easier to track, i usually run whonix qube for deeo web, and keep everything there in that qube related, for clear net regular things i use librewolf with default config, as i am not tech savy, i only use disposable vms for clear net browsing and always on a VPN using qube vpn with firewall configuration, i’m thinking using vpn before tor would be really bad idea since vpn has all your traffic including tor traffic,you never know if they backstab you, also there is more technical things i dont understand yet how it makes you standout more, im trying blend in, yet be secure, thank you all

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Start with reading all of this.

One step at a time until each of your points have been individually addressed. If you have more questions about the Tor Browser, be brief, clear and explicit, and either continue to post in this thread or on the Tor Project Forum where myself and others can provide support.