Prompt bios settings for lenovoE530

Prompt bios settings for lenovoE530

Hello @WazzupSu ,

what are you trying to say here? Did you try to use the forum as a search engine?

Maybe this link will help:Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You - LMDDGTFY


Apparently my English is not so good, as I want. I know how to enter the BIOS. But I have problems with its configuration directly to use QUBES. Initially, I could not install it at all. But thanks to different recommendations in the documentation and on the forum, I was still able to establish this operating system and achieved it a certain efficiency. However, I still come across some failures that, perhaps, have a place due to my illiteracy in QUBES compatibility issues with Lenovo E530 laptop. And most importantly, I never managed to achieve an Internet connection. One way or another, I would like to start with the right BIOS setting for the most accurate and stable operation of QUBES.

If you can tell more detail about your laptop specification (cpu, ram, storage) we maybe can suggest two / three things for you.

This is the must needed cpu features to work with qubes.

sorry i did not intend to make fun of you or your english skill level.

also there is a department in this forum where your native language might be used: In your language - Qubes OS Forum

and yes, make sure that virtualization is enabled, the rest usually is very fault tolerant.

I decided that the English-speaking contingent is still much more extensive and enlightened in this matter.
Virtualization is enabled, but while studying this issue, I realized that, at least in some cases, BIOS settings play a role. Unfortunately, I have been doing this for a long time and I cannot say with certainty. At the forum I could not find time for everything. The last month has been just crazy. But, if I am not mistaken, then it was some boot serctor parpameters, or maybe the supervisor in the security section allowed me to install and run qubes more or less stably. What I found out about, also on one of the pages of the tool site, forum, and maybe even a third-party resource

I would be extremely grateful if you would give any effective advice or tip that will help me figure it out. Attach the characteristicProcessing: System Information Report.html.log…
s of the machine

do you mean coreboot? flashing firmware?

Just ask directly what you want, and learn step by step, if you just want to “test” try there - Qubes OS.

From your report, i look that you use windows 10, just download Qubes R4.0. / Qubes R4.1 then follow the Installation guide | Qubes OS (

I put Windows 10, because it did not work out to install Qubes and there was no longer the time to deal next. And so forward, I want no one to penetrate me. Since at the moment it is my main problem. I need my data to be safe and I would not want some wide soul a person threw me a compromising, trying to blame my guilt on me. If no one knows where I am, then the attempts will not. If someone penetrates, it should not leave the virtual machine. Although much more important is that it does not affect this.
If we speak essentially, then the setting is as follows. One ill-fated hoster, on which I worked, was registered in the payment system under my name. And as it turned out in the stores that I did him, selling various kinds of different users, cards, and so on. I have not yet had time to figure it out. Considering that he loves him more likely more than he knows how, this things seem to me more than obvious. At the same time, I retain all the data from its payment system, access to which was officially received through technical support, because it was framed on my name. And I have most of the correspondence. Unfortunately, my knowledge and skills are clearly lacking to understand how he penetrates me. He could well leave some Trojan with me, a styller or what else happens there. In our region and with his money, I do not exclude more than that he can have people in providers, he can monitor my Wi-Fi, to connect to my cable in the entrance. Well, I imagine what I want to get to be able to safely work, without worrying about anything.
I want to highlight a few virtual machines. One under Windows C Visual Studio. One under Apache NetBeans. One under the backup of my archives, and other files, based on the fact that they can already contain a harmful software. One virtual machine on a removable disk for different social networks, mail, small programs for working with sites. I can not refuse these contacts, TC. They are known to my customers. But the minus of this is that he knows them.
I am thinking about using not a full version of Windows, a Go to and Portable versions of the most necessary programs, including postal services, social messages, browsers, and so on. At the same time, all the services you need will always be at hand, it’s only a flash drive to any computer. Perhaps I do not have much need directly in Windows, or Linux. But I never found some programs to Linux a decent replacement. And while there are some questions for which I need a tandem of one or another software.

Well it’s okay, i even use windows with qubes os (separate disk in my laptop), i really don’t know why you tell me that much, but what is your exact problem?

I have guests without demand come first. It is necessary that if I do not expect anyone, and I do not want to let, then they should not go. If they went, then I would like to understand how they did it. And what they did while I did not find their drawing. In this case, I would like to go where they went, there and remained. Let’s say if they went through the mail, then let them not climb into telegrams. But much more important, if I am sure that they can not get to me at all.

Well, ideally it will be very good if they don’t know where the door

I am trying to install qubes on lenovo E530 but I get the following message
[unsupported-hardware-detected.png (550 Ă— 322) (] (
I turned on virtualization, turned on all UEFI related settings. I am using version 4.0 recorded in dd mode via rufus. Also I am using the following setup

    • USB UEFI BIOS Support: Enabled *
    • UEFI / Legacy Boot: UEFI Only *
    • Secure Boot: Disabled *

Obviously, I do not understand all the necessary processes very well, given that I have only recently encountered the virtualization process, and I hope that more knowledgeable participants will be able to give me good advice. However, I would appreciate any advice that can get me going. If necessary, I am ready to provide BIOS settings.

can you shot your OWN message?

Not that I entirely understand but perhaps what you are wanting in some ways is an IDS (Intrusion Detection which some software may claim to provide details of things occurring on a computer for later analysis but your mileage as they say may vary - like logging, it is not a sure thing).

UEFI may not be the best route to go when attempting to install or use Qubes. Linux & UEFI are not entirely good company.

can you elaborate?
i saw linux work good in uefi

My own message is one to one like this. Word by word. I just saved a little time creating and posting the screenshot.

It doesn’t matter to me whether it is UEFI or not. I just followed the documentation in this question. Suggest your settings, I will be happy to try them.

For the rest, I just want to divide the work into virtual machines. Also separating some of the everyday moments. And of course, I want to find out how the attacker gets to me. I am faced with periodic infiltrations into my system. I want that even after getting inside it would not require me to reinstall the entire system and I could connect already prepared cubes, or refer to earlier
pictures. I tried to do the same on Windows, but I haven’t been able to connect to the network using VPN yet. Also, I don’t really understand how to isolate the starting machine. On top of that, I have no control over the firewall rules, given that adding new rules is not a problem. And the network itself does not seem reliable enough. Also, the reputation of Windows is clearly inferior to Gubev. In general, I am not averse to considering both options with their maximum isolation, but in absentia I still trust cubes

so have you make sure vt-d and vt-x enabled?