Problems with xenpm and temperature

My temperature is usually well above 80 degrees celsius and can get up in the high 80s when doing lots of tasks. I don’t want it to be this hot.

I have tried

sudo xenpm set-scaling-governor powersave

and get responses like

[CPU1] failed to set governor name (22 - Invalid argument)

when I check to see what the governor is, however, it will say it’s in powersave for all cpus. However, the temperature is still well above 80 C.

I have tried to alter the max frequency.

sudo xenpm set-scaling-maxfreq 1000000000

and get

CPU1] failed to set scaling max freq (22 - Invalid argument)

as a response for all the CPUs and the system temperature is still well over 80 C degrees. Sometimes I have seen it go up over 90.

What can I do to reduce the CPU frequency?

It might be different for different computers but I could not get the setting you tried to keep temps low on my computer either. I could however disable-turbo-mode and that lowered the temperature to a reasonable amount. Helped with fan noise too. My system is an amd 4000 thinkpad.

Try some new thermal paste.

I don’t know what that is.

I get invalid for every single CPU. This is especially a problem for systems that naturally run hotter and do not have a lot internal cooling. The Qubes developers should look into this. I think this is likely affecting more users than just me and may also be making it harder to run qubes for some new users.

Can I take a graphical fedora program like cpufreq-gui and just copy it into dom0 using cat and then run it?

Do you have an Intel CPU or an AMD one? If you are using an Intel CPU, then the issue may be helpful.

TL;NR: You can try enabling dom0 testing repo and upgrade Xen, to have Intel-specific scaling driver support.