Problems with the RTL8821CE WiFi card

After installing qubes sys-net just crashes, if I remove the WiFi card from the selected devices in the sys-net’s qube settings sys-net starts fine. The sys-net qube is using Debian 11, but the same thing happens with the sys-net qube using Fedora 36. I know this card is notoriously buggy on Linux, and I am sure it is a driver issue. However I cannot get the driver for it because I have no internet.

Which installer did you use? r4.1.1 aka latest?

If so, I’d definitely give r4.1.2-rc2 (testing) release a go as, apparently there’s a new option to use kernel-latest (this is such a glorious improvement IMO) which, may offer better support out-of-the-box for your card.

I used r4.1.1 I may give 4.1.2-rc2 a try if I cannot get it to work.

Tried r4.1.2-rc2, qubes wont even boot.

Did you use the kernel-latest option?


Did you try with both debian & fedora as base/defaullt TemplateVM as you did with r4.1.1?

if it wont boot, I cannot choose the TemplateVM default.

Apologies, I was focused on the WiFi part of the equation.

Not ideal but, based on the information provided, you could just manually fetch/verify/install the driver package necessary to support your card, no? You’re sys-usb is functional, yes?

I attempted to this but after installing the driver the issue persists. I guess the only solution to this is just to tether the WiFi from a Phone via USB.